Art 2 Final Portfolio

1)My most successful project was the cat drawing. Our theme was "Up Close and Personal" I decided to draw a picture slimier to one I had seen on the internet, a white cat with bright blue eyes. For this project I used chalk pastel pencils, I used this because I liked the affect it gave to the texture of the cat's fur, and the pencils also helped the bright eyes become more pronounced the pencils were also good for the eyes because I was able to blend the various colors together.Using pastel pencils was beneficial to my project since the texture from them gave the cat a more realistic feel, where the oil pastels gave it a more cartoon look.
2)The project that I felt was the most challenging was the Shoe project. This project presented the most obstacle for me because drawing isn't one of my stronger areas, and we weren't allowed to used color. I was able to get different ideas on how to draw my shoes, and I feel that all the help and suggestions I got from my class mates really helped me with the project. I also had many problems making this project look 3D, but Mrs. Rossi showed me different ways to use shadows on the shoes and in the rest of the drawing to make the project look like you could reach in and grab the shoes. This project really helped me as an artist because of all of the challenges I faced like no color but still be realistic.

3)The two projects that I showed the most growth in were the mixed media project and my cat drawing. The mixed media was a new experience for me with the colleges, I had never made a collage in an art class before, and I learned that when doing a college I had to use pictures with slimier themes and tie them together somehow. I also learned how to used the gel like glue to make the pictures stick to the canvas, but the hardest part of this project was adding the 3D piece to my 2D piece. For the 3D doll head I had to cut if off of its "body" and take the back part of her head off; originally I wanted to have her face melt onto to canvas, but when we tried to melt it the face started to burn, giving it an even more hideous affect. My mixed media project has a deeper meaning than pretty people and a burned doll, I wanted to show how the "beautiful" women affect other girls. I wanted to show how messed up society's view on beauty is, and by putting the burned doll right up front I was able to show almost what they are on the inside. For my second piece that I feel I exhibited the most growth in is the Cat drawing. Like every other little girl I would doodle pictures of cats, but when it came to drawing a realistic one I faced many challenges. By running into these problems I was having I was also able to overcome them and be a better artist.The part of this drawing that helped me grow the most was having to give the cat's face dimension, I had never had to do this before, and I did many different sketches trying to find out how to accomplish this effect. To make the face more dimensional Mrs. Rossi suggested that I put purple around the eyes, and at first I was skeptical, but one I did it I fell in love with the effect it had on the face. These two projects, while giving me many challenges also helped me grow even more as an artist, and all in all I fell in love with the final products.

4)I think that being able to choose the materials for the projects helped me be more creative in my projects. With the "Sticky Situation" project I was able to choose what type of paint I wanted to use for it, I went with the acrylics because I really like the way the colors could be so bright and exotic. Another project that helped me be creative with materials was the "Unconventional Portrait" I used melted crayons to make this look like my aunt. It was different and I could be more creative and expressive with the wax. I think that using materials materials that I wanted was more beneficial to my art. I enjoyed the freedom and how it helped me grow as an artist.          

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