Wednesday, March 19, 2014


HI made a bird cage,  it is supposed to represent how people are living in their own world and staying where they feel comfortable. Through the simplicity of the wire I am showing the un-orginal and simple thoughts that some teens are comming up with in their work now.  This project represent me in how I am able to make something so simple and give it a bigger meaning.
I used wire which is a new media for me, I've never used it before and in some parts it was harder to use than I expected, the wire wouldn't always bend the way I wanted it to and I would hurt myself sometimes. I had to experiment with different ways to make a bird with wire which was harder than I originally going to make a solid bird but after having too many problems with it u made an outline of a bird.
To over come my dilema of making a bird, the way I overcame it was by looking up different ways to make a bird. I started by trying to make a solid head but the head was too big and not shaped right. Next I looked up how to make the outline of a bird and went with that.

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