Monday, January 6, 2014

Mixed media

To show amusement in this project I found pictures of beautiful women from magazines for my background giving it a modern feel. For the center of my peice of my work I used the face of a barbie doll and burned half of it to show what society sees as beautiful and what this "beauty" is making people do to themselves. The mixed media for me was fun I was able to use different materials that I wouldn't normally use in a project like the barbie and fire. The part that ties the whole peice together is the 3D face, her hair makes all the pictures come together pulling your eyes to her face. I learned that collages aren't just pictures glued together they have to work together and make sense. I had challenges trying to decide what the face in the middle should be, first I thought I'd paint it but I found that didn't look as realistic as I wanted so I thought of printing a picture off but that's wouldn't give a different effect from the other pictures so I decided I would use a doll face, which worked out well and gave me the look that I wanted.

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