Thursday, December 5, 2013


I chose a portrait of my Aunt Sandra because she is very special to me.  We have always been close for as long as I can remember and I love spending time with her. I thought of a few different materials to use for this like, makeup, glass, and leaves,  but the idea that I like the best was melted crayons. The crayons were harder to use that I first thought they would be,  but they added a great texture to the peice that I couldn't have done with other materials. Some things I did to make this portrait more untraditional was using more cool colors like blue and different purples,  another thing that made this different from other was I didn't put her facial features in the portrait,  I made her so you could see where she was like the original picture,  but without a face.  I felt that no fave would leave my peice open for interpretation. One challenge i faced was the wax,  when I first started using it I was melting it in a spoon and the texture was very rough making the look awkward,  but I was able to overcome this by using a wood burner to smooth everything out.  When I decided to use the wood burner to smooth it out it gave the piece a more human feel,  but leaving out the facial features gave it almost a lost feeling making you wonder why I left it out,  it makes you wonder if she was happy,  sad,  scared, or mad,  leaving it more open to think what you want about her. The materials I chose didn't have any connection to my aunt, but I incorporated some of her favorite colors in the piece.

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