Thursday, October 24, 2013


For my "Sticky Situation" project I tried to think of many different things that could be thought of as sticky, one of the first ideas I came up with was to paint the earth and have buildings sticking out of it hence the sticky situation,  then I found a picture that I took of some snails on a sea wall, I really wanted to do this since it was more personal,  I took the picture and now I get to paint it. The first idea I had was the buildings "stuck" in the earth I thought    this was different and showed a new perspective on the earth.  To incorporate the repetition I painted eight snails a few with the same colors o give it the pattern.  I chose acrylic because you can layer it more than water colors and I like the way thick layers look on the canvas.  One problem I did run into  was I couldn't get the shadows dark enough since I watered down the black paint,  but in the end it worked out. The mini lessons helped me find the right media,  and helped me discover that I'm not very good with water colors. 

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